Á la carte menu

Our á la carte menu is served between 16.00 PM and 21.30 PM.

    • Starters

    • Hot smoked salmon from Frøya


      with capelin roe and sour cream from Fannrem

      Allergens; milk


    • Sauna-smoked leg of lamb


      with pickled onions and pepper mayonnaise

      Allergens; egg, milk and sulphites

    • Mushroom soup


      Creamy mushroom soup topped with herb oil served with homemade bread

      Allergens; Wheat and milk

    • Main courses

    • Pan fried cod


      Served with shellfish sauce, smoked bacon, pickeled onions, butter steamed asparagus and mashed potatoes

      Allergens; shellfish, fish, milk and sulphites

    • Lutefisk


      Dried, lye-cured cod - «Lutefisk» served with bacon, mashed peas, mustard, brown cheese, butter, syrup, soft potato bread and potatoes. A real Norwegian specialty!

      With second serving 495,-

      Allergens; wheat and milk

    • The manors christmas sausage


      Served with root vegetable mash, mustard sauce, pickled onions, glazed bacon and brussel sprouts

      Allergens; egg and milk

    • Pinnekjøtt from Røros


      Salt-cured, steamed ribs of lamb with the manors Christmas sausage,  jus and potatoes

      Allergens; milk

    • The manor steak


      Today’s steak, served with vegetables, mushrooms, potatoes from Solhus Farm, pickled onions and apple sauce.

      We vary between different cuts of beef, please ask your waiter what we are serving today.

      Allergens; milk and sulphites

    • Traditional christmas platter


      Pork rib, traditional meatballs and the manor’s Christmas sausage served with gravy and red cabbage with christmas spice and potatoes

      Allergens; milk

    • Desserts

    • Cloudberry ice cream


      Served on nut pastry with cloudberry coulis

      Allergens; wheat, egg and milk

    • The manors caramel flan


      Served with whipped cream

      Allergens; egg and milk

    • Creamed rice


      Served with berry sauce

      Allergens; egg and milk

    • Konfektkake of the house


      Rich chocolate dessert cake, served with homemade vanilla ice cream

      Allergens; wheat, egg and milk