Á la carte menu

Our á la carte menu is served between 16.00 pm and 21.30 pm.

    • Starters

    • Hot smoked salmon


      With a touch of juniper and our own manor honey. Served with a herbal dressing with sour cream and micro-greens from Skjølberg Søndre.

      Allergens: Fish, milk.

    • Parsnip soup


      Smoked red beets, crispy rye chips, herb dressing with sour cream and micro-greens from Skjølberg Søndre.

      Allergens: Wheat, milk, nuts.

    • Shellfish soup


      With today's fish.

      Allergens: Shellfish, fish, milk.

    • Main courses

    • The manor steak


      Today’s steak, served with baked red beets with mustard seeds, pickled raddish, kale-chips, rosemary jus and potato gratin.

      We vary between different cuts of beef, please ask your waiter what we are serving today.

      Allergens; Milk, mustard, sulfites.

    • Reindeer from Røros


      Lingonberry jelly, fermented blueberries, creamy juniper sauce, mushrooms, romanesco salad, baked leek, potatoes from Solhus Farm.

      Allergens: Milk

    • Trout


      Apple marmalade, butter-fried kale, smoked red beets and a mussel-sauce with dill.

      Allergens: Fish, milk, mussels.

    • Creamed mussels from Fosen


      Served with bread and herb oil.

      Allergens: Wheat, milk, sulfites, mussels.

    • Pan fried cod


      Capers, squash, red onion, horseradish sauce, potato chips and mashed potatoes with fresh herbs.

      Allergens: Fish, milk.

    • Glazed duck breast


      Breast of duck glazed with our manor honey, served with citrus salad with micro-greens, baked leek, potatoes, celery-puré, blackcurrant sauce.

      Allergens: Milk, celery.

    • Desserts

    • Cheese


      Three cheeses from Orkladal Dairy, Gelmin, Høvding Sverre Lagret and Skjenald. Homebaked crispy bread, compote and honey from our beehive in the garden.

      Allergens: Wheat, egg, milk, nuts.

    • White chocolate mousse


      Mango coulis, caramelized chocolate, berries.

      Allergens: Egg, milk, nuts.

    • Licorice cream pudding


      Caramel sauce and berries.

      Allergens: Milk.

    • Chocolate tart


      Salty caramel sauce, lingonberry ice-cream.

      Allergens: Wheat, egg, milk.