Á la carte menu

Our á la carte menu is served between 16.00 pm and 21.30 pm.

    • Starters

    • Mussels from Fosen


      Small portion.

      Allergens; Milk and mollusks.

    • Mushroom soup


      With truffle oil and cured ham. Small portion.

      Allergens; Milk.

    • Bruscetta


      With cured ham, tomato salad and feta cheese from Grindal Diary.

      Allergens; Wheat and milk.

    • Main courses

    • The manors summer salad


      Mixed lettuce with vegetables, marinated chicken, tomato salad, cheese from Grindal Ysteri and Orkladal Ysteri, eggs from Storkvikne Farm and aïoli.

      Allergens; Egg, milk, celery

    • The Ministers Burger


      Homemade burger of beef from Renskleiv farm on Fannrem, served with pickled onions, local cheese from Orkladal Diary, salt-baked potatoes and aïoli.

      Allergens; Wheat, egg and milk

    • Tapas plate


      Spicy meatballs of veal from Svorkmo with a smoked tomato sauce, chicken from Ytterøy marinated in local ramson, cured ham from Tynset, cheese from Orkladal Diary, olives, aïoli, mango chutney and salt baked potatoes.

      Also perfect as a sharing-plate for two.

      Allergens; Egg, milk, celery, mustard and sulfites

    • The manor steak


      Today’s steak, served with stewed mushrooms, asparagus beans, pickled onions dryed cherry tomatoes and salt baked potatoes.

      We vary between different cuts of beef, please ask your waiter what we are serving today.

      Allergens; Milk and sulfites

    • Mussels from Fosen


      Large portion.

      Allergens: Milk and molluscs

    • A taste of Trøndelag


      Tasty bites of salmon from Frøya smoked on the house,  cheese from Orkladal Ysteri, cured ham and smoked lambs leg from Hitra. Served with scrambled eggs, local sour cream, vegetables, greens and homemade bread.

      Allergens: Wheat, egg, fish and milk.

    • The kitchens vegan


      Soya balls and roast potatoes, with sauteed vegetables, chick peas and

      Allergens: Soy

    • Desserts

    • Lemon tart


      Topped with sweet meringue.

      Allergens; Wheat, egg, milk

    • Sorbet


      With sour cream from Fannremsgården, served with fresh berries.

      Allergens; Milk

    • Flourless chocolate cake


      Passion fruit sorbet

      Allergens; Egg, milk

    • Local cheese platter


      With cheese from Orkladal Ysteri, our homemade compote, honey and nuts.

      Allergens; Milk and nuts (as garnish)

    • Strawberries from Lensvik


      Served with homemade ice cream. Only in season.

      Allergens: Egg and milk.